The future of the football medicine

A cura di G.S. Roi e S. Della Villa
GENERE: Abstract book
CATEGORIE: Riabilitazione e prevenzione
ISBN: 9788860285058

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XXVI International Conference on Sports Rehabilitation and Traumatology

Avoiding injury ensures higher player availability and allows coaches to have the most complete squad possible; available for training and to select from for matches. In the UEFA Champions League, the unavailability of players to compete in matches due to injury averages 14% but varies from between 5% and 20%, and at the elite level of male football, the overall, match, training and muscle injury rates have remained unchanged, without any significant decrease, during the 2000s.

Whilst Football Medicine has never been in a better place, there is increasing resources, increasing complexity and diversity, and increasing demand for positive change in player care and performance. It therefore feels like we are in a critical moment for Football Medicine and Science. Many doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths, strength coaches, sports scientists and rehabilitation coaches are frequently asked and challenged by their colleagues, players and coaching staff to define and foresee the future.  What will be the innovations that will really make the difference for player care, injury prevention, return to play decision making, data management and on-field athletic performance?

This abstract book of the XXVI International Conference on Sports Rehabilitation and Traumatology is dedicated to the topic of defining the future of the discipline and community. The aim is to give to the reader a wider vision; one which can help to be successful in her/his career. We try to do this by sharing the expertise and knowledge that has taken those individual practitioners and professionals to the top of Football Medicine and Science. This is in accordance with the mission of the Isokinetic Medical Group’s Conference, which is to inspire the international Sports Medicine community, through culture, image, atmosphere and organisation, to give their best to improve the health of the world.

The Conference is, above all, an opportunity for discussion and represents an opportunity for the exchange of ideas and experiences. Therefore, in this book, in addition to the abstracts the invited speakers sent to us before the conference, we have inserted all the abstracts that have been accepted for free oral communications, poster presentations and workshops.

We are confident from previous experience of editions of the International Conference on Sports Rehabilitation and Traumatology that this volume will further feed the debate on The Future of Football Medicine, and we thank all of the Authors who contributed to the realisation of this book.